Pulau Salak Beach

Pulau Salak beach located in Pagatan, Kusan Hilir, Tanah Bumbu, Kalimantan Selatan is still quite special, because it has a panorama of blue sea, which is relatively small waves, palm trees waving distinguished, and the wind blowing sea breeze.

But it is a typical ritual descent Bugis fishermen in the area around the beach Pagatan commonly called Feast of the Sea. Sea party carried on in mid-April. This ceremony is performed as an expression of gratitude for the abundance of seafood and also pleaded for the protection of fishermen in the sea of time at work. The highlight more in the know with the “Feast of the Sea”is the anchor of the previous offerings have been in a kind of mantra read out to sea. Usually this event is also in meriahkan with the attraction of music and traditional dances.


Mosque Shiratal Mustaqiem

Mustaqiem Shiratal Mosque is the oldest mosque in Samarinda is located on Prince Street Treasurer, Village Mosque, Kecamatan Seberang Samarinda, Samarinda, East Kalimantan. This mosque was built in 1881.

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Telaga Permai Batu Besaung

Sightseeing Besaung Telaga Batu Permai is a natural attractions, is located in Sempaja 15 km from downtown Samarinda with motor vehicle / car. Sightseeing has been equipped with tourist facilities and infrastructure.


Wasaka Museum

Wasaka Museum is a museum of the struggle in South Kalimantan. Wasaka stands for ‘Waja¬† Sampai Ka Putting’ which is the motto of the struggle in South Kalimantan.Museum housed in the home Banjar High ridge that has been converted from residential to enable the museum as conservation of traditional buildings.

Located in the Gang H. Andir, Kampung Kenanga Ulu, Kelurahan Jingah River, District of North Banjarmasin, Banjarmasin.
Pistol VOC Wasaka Museum collection in Banjarmasin.

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WaterFalls Tanah Merah

Waterfalls Tanah Merah located about 14 km from downtown Samarinda precisely in the hamlet district Purwosari North Samarinda. This place is the right choice for family tourism because it has a rest pavilion, shelter with shade trees around the site, shop, large vehicle parking area, an open stage and baths. to achieve these attractions can be reached by motor vehicle either two or four wheels and public transport route Segiri Market – River Siring. For now these sights receive less attention as a result of service quality to be reduced so that the need for attention from local governments to develop this place.

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History Of kindom Kutai Kartanegara

Ing Martadipura Kutai kingdom established in the 4th century until the 17th century AD and is based in Muara Kaman, Kutai Kartanegara. Kukar Kingdom in 1300 which stood until 1959, having twice the displacement center of government. Central government in 1735-1959 is not mentioned in the story. Year 1300-1734 is based in Kutai Lama or Stone Edge. King first named Aji Batara Agung Dewa Sakti and queen named Princess Karang Melenu.

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Beauty Loksado

Loksado tour located in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. is a tourist place that provides natural beauty. there really is still showing the beautiful nature and beautiful. Want to feel the goodness of nature, come to Loksado, Dayak community settlements in the upper-Meratus Amanda River, District of Hulu Sungai Selatan (HSS), South Kalimantan. In addition to beautiful nature, there are also ethnic Dayak longhouse (Hall Malaris), waterfalls Haratai, Lake Bangkau, Hill Kantawan and hot water baths Tanuhi.

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