By the war Banjarmasih Daha-State, only 5,000 residents Banjarmasin 1000 plus traders dealing with the three laksa (30,000) Daha State resident, recently with the addition of foreign troops has four laksa Banjarmasih forces personnel. Post-War-State Banjarmasih Daha year 1526, Banjarmasin population consists of old population, residents are transported from the State Daha and Bandar Muara Materials and residents who came later. Makassar War (1660-1669) caused many traders (Malay-Bugis) moved from Somba Opu, harbor sultanate of Gowa to Banjarmasin. Banjar-British post-war II in 1707, the Chinese began to settle in Banjarmasin. Valentyn reported that the population of Banjarmasin in 1720 totaled about 7,000 inhabitants, whereas in 1780 according to reports amounted to about 8,500 Radermacher mass comprising a mixture of Java, Makassar, Bugis and Malays of Johor, Minangkabau and Kilkenny, but the majority of the population at that time was Javanese. Today the native tribes in the city is the Banjar tribes and tribal Dayak Bakumpai (orang berangas).


Tourism Object

• Suriansyah Sultan Mosque (1526)
• Complex Mausoleum of Sultan Suriansyah
• Prince Antasari Tomb Complex
• Museum Wasaka
• Dome Surgi Mufti
• Pasar Terapung Muara Kuin
• PKK Banjar Bungas Taman Agro Tourism

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