Banjarmasin is one of the city once was the capital of South Kalimantan province, Indonesia. The original name is the Banjar Banjar-masih, in the year 1664 or Banzjarmasch Banjarmasch write Dutch.

South Kalimantan provincial government is currently preparing a transfer center of government (the governor’s office) to the city Banjarbaru located on higher ground in the southeast city of Banjarmasin. Banjarmasin, Banjarbaru and Martapura being prepared by the Department of Public Works as a metropolitan city (National Strategic Area) that the 9-called Metropolitan Area- Banjarmasin-Banjarbaru-Martapura (BBM), or Banjarmasin Metropolitan Area.This area is also supported by two other regions, namely Barito Kuala Regency and Tanah Laut. The fifth area is called Banjarmaskuala acronym of Banjarmasin, Banjarbaru, Banjar, Barito Kuala and Tanah Laut.

Banjarmasin tropical climate where monsoon winds blowing from the west of the continent of Asia through the Indian Ocean caused the rainy season, while winds from the continent of Australia was dry winds which cause the dry season.Rainfall that fell on average per year approximately 2400 mm with annual fluctuations ranging between 1600-3500 mm, number of rainy days in a year approximately 150 days with air temperature varies slightly, about 26 ° C.

Local rain fell in the rainy season, namely in the months November-April. In the dry season often occurs during long dry. Annual rainfall average up to 2628 mm of rainfall per year 156 days. Temperatures average around 25 ° C – 38 ° C with little seasonal variation. Fluctuations in daily temperature ranges from 74-91%, whereas in the dry season, low humidity, which is about 52% of which occurred in the months August, September and October.

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