Beauty Loksado

Loksado tour located in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. is a tourist place that provides natural beauty. there really is still showing the beautiful nature and beautiful. Want to feel the goodness of nature, come to Loksado, Dayak community settlements in the upper-Meratus Amanda River, District of Hulu Sungai Selatan (HSS), South Kalimantan. In addition to beautiful nature, there are also ethnic Dayak longhouse (Hall Malaris), waterfalls Haratai, Lake Bangkau, Hill Kantawan and hot water baths Tanuhi.

But the most challenging activity was the bamboo rafting or the local people call it balanting Paring. Rest assured, your adrenaline will be racing in the middle of a rushing river Amanda and rocky.

From Kandangan, Loksado is near, and then through the village of Karang Java, which at times is the basis of ALRI-led guerrilla fighters Hasan Basri. The old headquarters was still standing on the roadside.
After this historic village, the road began to climb and the winding, signs already entered the area of Mount Meratus. The road was smooth, with woods on either side, making travel 38 km it was not boring.

No more than two hours, we reached the area Loksado with a left turn at an intersection. (If straight, the directions to Batulicin, the largest seaport in South Kalimantan). Loksado actually also used as the name of the district that consists of several villages such as Malino, Tanuhi, Haratai and Loksado itself is located on a highway that was built in the 1990-an.What is called nothing but Lanting Paring bamboo raft, made of bamboo arrangement, strongly bound, in the center was given a seat. Typically, the tip of the head resembles a ship bound taper. But Lanting which we ride is simple, and only consists of 16 bamboo sticks.

River Flows Amandit did not Imperata abysmal! Swift, wild, rocky and full of rapids. Although the discharge of water begins to shrink over the coming dry season, the mood remained defiant. Once past the front of the market Loksado, immediately welcomed the swift currents. Lanting who had been quiet over thundering water bergermeretak immediately, making the body slam, struggled to find a balance. The journey was forever being dragged flow, there’s always the quiet river. But that’s quiet time enjoying nature. Opportunities photographing very beautiful nature. Blue lined hills in the distance.

In the nearest hill visible fields planted with horticultural populations such as rubber, cinnamon, pecans, durian and jackfruit. Also a kind of second crops of corn and eggplant. Not to forget the bamboo forest that is rare elsewhere. Kantawan that such rocks arranged manually, erect elegant with blue-gray background of mountains.

There are also a number of the deserted village on the banks of the river, such as Mandahin and Ntarlagi. The so-called village is no more only three or five houses, linked suspension bridge or simply use Lanting. Before the finish, passing the monument proclamation, where Hasan Basri declared independence. O, full of elegant Loksado blessing…!!!

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