WaterFalls Tanah Merah

Waterfalls Tanah Merah located about 14 km from downtown Samarinda precisely in the hamlet district Purwosari North Samarinda. This place is the right choice for family tourism because it has a rest pavilion, shelter with shade trees around the site, shop, large vehicle parking area, an open stage and baths. to achieve these attractions can be reached by motor vehicle either two or four wheels and public transport route Segiri Market – River Siring. For now these sights receive less attention as a result of service quality to be reduced so that the need for attention from local governments to develop this place.

Waterfalls Tanah Merah including leading tourist attraction in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, in addition to the Botanical Gardens Unmul Samarinda (crush). These sights are on the road axis Samarinda-Bontang, near the site of crush. During the Lebaran holiday, waterfalls Tanah Merah residents crowded, especially among young people and keluarga.Lokasi Waterfall located in the hamlet Purwosari, Kelurahan Tanah Merah, North Samarinda. This place not only offers a charming panoramic waterfalls, but also features several relaxing gazebo, park benches shaded by large trees hedge around, shop, large vehicle parking area, children’s playground and public baths.

For the sake of easier for visitors to see the whole scene around him, the manager build a wooden staircase which divides the hill. So visitors more freely up and down the hill without worrying fall slip.

Tanah Merah Waterfall Visitors not only come from Samarinda, but there is also the Sangata, Bontang, Sebuluh, Tenggarong and Balikpapan. Lina, ticket seller, explained during the Lebaran holidays increased ticket prices of Rp 1,000 compared to weekdays.

Entrance fee adult children of Rp 4,000, Rp 2,000 children, motorcycles and four-wheel Rp 1,000 to Rp 2,000. However, some visitors still regretted the access road to the location of the waterfall that has not been paved. “Indeed, about one kilometer access road is still rocky and therefore interfering with the convenience of road users. We hope that the role of the government to fix the access road,

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