Mosque Shiratal Mustaqiem

Mustaqiem Shiratal Mosque is the oldest mosque in Samarinda is located on Prince Street Treasurer, Village Mosque, Kecamatan Seberang Samarinda, Samarinda, East Kalimantan. This mosque was built in 1881.


Around 1880 ago, came a Muslim trader from Pontianak, West Kalimantan (Kalbar) named Said Abdurachman bin Assegaf to the Kingdom of Kutai. Based on trade considerations while broadcasting the Islamic Religion, he chose the area as a place of residence Samarinda Seberang. This was met well by the Sultan of Kutai Aji Muhammad Sulaiman. Seeing the perseverance and obedience Said Abdurachman in menjalaankan Shari’a Islam, Sultan Said Abdurachman finally allowed to live in the area of Samarinda Seberang.

Has a duty as a public figure holds Pengeran Treasurer, Said Abdurachman have a big responsibility. Once this region is where immoral. Village people scarcely anyone dared to the area because of fear. But not with Prince Bandahara. He even comes to those who gamble and take him to run the Islamic Shari’a.

After negotiations, finally agreed to make the place as the mosque to worship. The process of construction of a mosque is certainly not easy. Although work together, to establish four main pillars or the so-called cornerstone of which is estimated to have a height of 7 meters, residents could not because of the large pole.

Until finally came a grandmother with white robes before them. Who he is nobody knows. But he told the Pengeran Treasurer and a number of his followers. Mentioned, he will help set up four main pillars on condition no one who saw the procession wargapun establishment.

The next day, several residents were appalled at four main pillars are standing upright. Even when people try to find the figure of a grandmother, they never find it. So the people no one knows for sure who he is.

Ten years later or exactly 27 Rajab 1311 Hijri, finally completed the construction of mosques. Kutai Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman who inaugurated the mosque also was asked to become a priest and lead the first prayers at the mosque.

Places of worship of Muslims were known Ulin made of materials that are used as the main ingredient of the mosque were taken from four villages, including Coral Mumus, Dondang, Kutai Lama, and Loa Haur.

Until the current architecture of the mosque was completed in 1891 that nothing had changed. Although no treatment is done. Even the best second historic mosque in Indonesia, became a sacred site for local residents.

This mosque has a building area of approximately 625 m² and a terrace along the 16 meters. At first in this location was chosen because it is known as a hotbed of gambling and the worship of idols. Therefore, the three characters have built it in order to stop these misguided and immoral activities. The proof, after waking (Mosque Shiratal Mustaqiem), was immoral activity disappeared and the area (Kampung Masjid) is increasingly popular at the time. Because kepolulerannya reason, then the area where the mosque is named after the founding of the village mosque and now a village mosque.

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